3 Ways to Increase Self-Discipline and Change Your Life


Wish you could eat healthier?

Make more money?

Work harder?

Wake up earlier?

Then get some Discipline…

You cultivate discipline by repeating the same behavior over and over again. Wake up at 7 AM every day for a week and you will get used to it. Your body will adjust.

Once it’s your habit it’s just the natural thing you do.

Self-Discipline means conscious mastery of your habits.

Instead of letting your impulses control your behavior, you consciously say, “Hey I’m not staying up late tonight.” Or “I’m going to the gym every day from now on no matter what.”

Discipline is only hard because you resist change. You might complain about being a lazy sack of crap and how you want to change, but the truth is you already sacrificed a lot to become that lazy sack of crap.

You gave up opportunities to realize your potential.

You gave up time to work and build something valuable in order to sleep a few extra hours every day.

It took hard work to build all the habits that make you who you are. No matter how much of a lazy loser that hard work has made you.

The point is you can develop any habits you want. After they are established it won’t be difficult or painful anymore.

You have two options if you aren’t satisfied with your level of discipline:

  1. Continue being lazy, but not satisfied with your life. In the back of your mind you are consciously thinking about what you know you should be doing. You know what bad habits you should cut out of your life. Or…


  1. Start building the habits you know you want in your life. At first it might be a little uncomfortable, but eventually you won’t have to force yourself to do the right things. They will just be your routine. You will only feel bad when you neglect your disciplined habits.


Obviously the first option can be very stressful. It actually shows you are resisting your reality but are too weak to actually change.

Life is easier when you choose the second options because it’s brings you a life you are satisfied with.

Self-discipline means being honest about which areas of your life have major room for improvement and taking action to change your flaws.

You will only be happy when you are living the life you know you want to live.

The more your behavior is aligned with your goals the happier you become. This means being even more disciplined is easier. It becomes something you love doing because the alternative is so damned depressing.

Some people love living a life without structure. They want to freedom to go to bed whenever they want, eat whatever and whenever they want. They want to waste time on whatever they want.

They might confuse this indulgence with freedom.

But it is actually the opposite of freedom.

These people are imprisoned by biological impulses they never question. When they feel the urge to drink a sugary beverage they do so. Often several times a day.

If you don’t consciously structure your life your biology will demand instant gratification for every impulse and you will constantly be distracted.

It’s like a hidden part of yourself is craving self-actualization, success, maybe even enlightenment, but you have all these annoying biological impulses getting in the way.

If you never turn them off, you’ll never know your potential at all.

When you are ready then it’s time to take action. If you need in-depth advice on this then check out my book 10 Days to Lifetime self-Discipline.

If you need a few useful tips on developing self-Discipline here you go

1. Create your Discipline Blueprint

Figure out your long term goals.

If you’ve never written down your goals before then my guess is you are afraid of disappointing yourself by not even trying.

With self-discipline you can be successful. After a brief moment of resistance you can experience a lifetime

With Discipline you face the world as the best version of yourself. You can wake up every morning well rested and ready to focus on your goals. You can go to the gym, business meetings, and whatever places you need to go intent on using every opportunity to make yourself better.

Life is honestly so much easier when you are disciplined and aligned with your purpose and goals! You aren’t stressing out about neglecting your responsibilities. You just do your normal routine. It doesn’t seem like hard work to you because you are happy to do it. It actually gives you more energy!

To outside observers it might seem like you are superhuman. But the truth is you are just a normal happy human and they are subhuman. 

If you aren’t proud of your life, more discipline can quickly fix that.

If you are proud of your life, you can move beyond that shaky form of confidence and actually start taking more risks. That means more opportunities to develop confidence and success.

If you have a plan for what that life will look like and what habits you need to get there, it makes it a lot easier.

2. Start with one habit

It might be excruciating to completely change all their habits in one day. It’s too much pressure.

Of course it is. It’s like an addicted cigarette smoker trying to quit cold turkey. They will constantly get nicotine cravings and it will be hard to resist.

When you try to quit all your bad habits simultaneously you get all these cravings to play stupid phone games, watch TV, eat crap, stay up late, check social media, and all the other time wasting activities that keep you stuck in hell.

Each of those activities gives you a serotonin or dopamine that gets you addicted. When you suddenly don’t do ALL of them one day, you trigger all these cravings at the same time and it can be very stressful.

To handle that, start with one habit.

I recommend going to bed and waking up at a consistent time each day. Probably for 8-9 hours. If you are really healthy you and stress free you might be fine with 7. This is probably the best habit you can have. With enough sleep you’ll have energy to face the day.

Once that new habit is locked in after a few days, start a new habit or two.

This isn’t an excuse to be slow with your Discipline development. The more time you waste on laziness and procrastination the more your future competitors are improving themselves. The more time you waste the less time you have alive enjoying the human experience.

3. Kill your Laziness Triggers

This is one of my favorite methods.

Our habits are programs we’ve built in our minds. Every time you engage in a behavior that program gets stronger. If you do the behavior long enough it becomes subconscious and you don’t even notice.

This is observable when you’ve been driving while daydreaming and then suddenly your conscious attention snaps back to the road. Or when you leave the house but don’t have a memory of locking the door. The behaviors are naturally triggered when you do other things.  Every time you open the door you trigger the behavior to lock it and make sure you’ve brought your keys.

Your lazy behaviors are developed in the same way. Every time you turn on your computer in the morning maybe you are addicted to looking at the same stupid time wasting website.

Every time you open the refrigerator you might feel the urge to reach for sugary garbage even when you have healthier alternatives.

If you eliminate the triggers you might be less likely to engage in life destroying habits.

For example, an addicted smoker lights up whenever his boss yells at him. Which is often. The stress triggers a need to escape.

To deal with it he quits his job and finds a new one that doesn’t stress him out as much. As a result, he lights up less because he experiences less stressful triggers.

That’s the basics of how it works. So let’s apply this to killing the triggers to your lazy habits. If every time you wake up, you first open your phone and waste time on a certain app, you could choose to go straight to the gym instead of opening the phone.

In fact, you don’t even need to do something as life changing as going immediately to the gym. Instead of opening the phone first thing in the morning you could open a book or do 10 pushups. Any new behavior will work.

If you can do this you’ve successfully interrupted your habits of laziness. Your desire to waste time with that stupid app was associated with waking up. When you finally turn on your phone later in the day the urge to waste time on it will weaken as a result.

Don’t squander your potential. If you need Self-discipline then get your act together. Start building a few easy habits all successful people have in common.

If you are interested in how to do that read 10 Days to Lifetime Self-Discipline: The Fastest Path to Motivation and Willpower

Get this book to finally overcome your bad habits and develop self-discipline. It covers all the obstacles you may encounter and how to conquer them.

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