Collection of Confidence Review

This is one of my favorite tools for building social confidence.
If you’ve been rejected, or are too scared to talk to women or anyone, this can help you overcome all your fears and become the man you want to be. Any man can improve his social skills and dating life through the techniques of this great resource.

The collection of Confidence
 is a 5 CD training program that teaches:

  • How to cultivate huge confidence in all areas of your life
  • How to assert yourself in challenging situations
  • How to master the mindset and behavior irresistible to women
  • How to master the traits of a true leader
  • How to unleash your inner potential and become successful fast
  • How to stop being ignored, rejected and misunderstood

Hypnotica’s immense experience and knowledge of self-improvement, dating, NLP, and confidence have gone into making the collection of Confidence a very powerful training program.

Many hypnotic suggestion programs sound terrible, or the speaker’s voice is incredibly annoying and I just can’t finish the program, however Hypnotica does an excellent and professional presentation and the quality really shows this.

Hypnotica has been well-known in the dating advice community since its beginning and was famously credited by the author of The Game as a main influence for improving his confidence. He devoted immense amounts of time to researching self improvement and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and has a unique perspective on success with women.

The Collection of Confidence goals are contained on five CDs that contain exercises you should complete before listening to a meditation session designed to integrate the lesson into your identity.  There are also several bonus hypnotic sessions and an extra track that contains Hypnotica’s interview of dating coach Cameron Teone.

What I really enjoy about the collection of confidence is that it requires you complete tasks that will get you interacting with people in the daytime. Other hypnotic suggestion/NLP programs such as Radical Inner Game, while excellent, don’t give you exercises that demonstrate the traits you are cultivating.

When I first listened to the Collection of Confidence, I will admit I did what Hypnotica strongly advises against in this program, and I enjoyed the hypnotic suggestions without doing the exercises. While I did feel calm, relaxed, and a boost in my confidence, I didn’t get the full potential value until a few months later when I took the time to actually do the exercises before listening to the meditations.

I actually BECAME more assertive and more enthusiastic about expressing my ideas and opinions to anyone regardless of status, and not letting people, such as my boss affect my state.

The goal of this course is to install social freedom into your conscious mind.

So that you will make choices, immerse yourself in your power to make decisions without being prevented by fear. The only way to get over your fears is to face them, which inevitably builds your core confidence. That’s why actually doing the exercises included in this program are so essential to seeing actual results with this program.

Collection of Confidence helps you reframe the fear of rejection as a positive learning experience.

This product really covers all the requirements of cultivating deep inner confidence, overcoming fear, being assertive, not being affected by others and the exercises start off easy but become progressively more challenging, and they should be more challenging and it’s worth it not to give up or just passively listen. Taking action is the only way to really grow.

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone, especially beginners, intermediate level guys, and especially anyone with insecurities such as self-doubt they are having trouble eliminating.  Click below for the collection of confidence download.

Overall Rating: 9
Effectiveness: 8.5
Ease of Implementation: 8.5

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