Evolve To Win Coaching +Confidence +Self-Discipline +Life Mastery

The Social Confidence Mastery Coaching program helps 
the socially anxious face fears and interact with the world confidently. Many start step 1 feeling judged and unable to speak without stuttering nervously. After finishing their personalized plan they are surprised by how much they’ve changed. 

       My Book, Social Confidence Mastery guides you through:

       Developing confident body language
       How to be Assertive
       How to Feel Confident Without Alcohol
       How to Overcome Social Anxiety
       How to Stop Worrying about Rejection
       How to Handle Scary Situations
       How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
       How to Stop Panicking in Harmless Social Situations
       And a lot more

SCM even comes with a 10 day confidence boosting plan completely free.
It’s over 300 pages of the best social confidence building advice you’ll ever find! 

But sometimes exposure to great advice isn’t enough. Sometimes fear seems stronger than that burning desire to change. To help you construct a solid plan for real transformation consider a coaching call. 

In addition to confidence coaching you can consult me on other self-mastery goals such as self-discipline and communication skills.

If you are ready, I can also help you form a plan that goes beyond the usual goals of overcoming social anxiety and building productive habits. Together we can form a blueprint that will help you optimize your mind, body, and success.


1 hour Coaching session $200

1 Hour Coaching session. I'll help you create a detailed plan to achieve your self-improvement goals.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+1 on 1 consultation on Skype

+A Personalized Goal Plan E-mailed to you after call

2 Hours of Coaching $350

2 sessions of 1 hour each. Good for addressing your challenges and then following up on your progress.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+1 on 1 consultation on Skype

+A Personalized Goal Plan E-mailed to you after call

+1 on 1 follow up call at least a week later to make sure you are making progress and to address challenges

3 Month Intense Transformation $900

6 Coaching sessions of 1 hour each. Twice a month we will go over your progress and address challenges.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+Personalized Confidence Plan

+E-mail me questions anytime

+Free Copies of my new books

What Clients Say About the Coaching…

“Adam helped me figure out what kind of person I want to be. Then make a plan to become that person. He helped me with my relationships, confidence, and my life is clearly improved. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to handle this part of my life.”
-Jeremy Ellison-

“One of my favorite parts of this training was learning how to enjoy facing my fears. I was so scared of rejection before, but now I think rejection is just a B.S. imagined fear that held me back from actually being myself.”
-Mark Bausch-

“Adam Rockman’s book Social Confidence Mastery made my brain explode. It’s crazy how unaware most people are of these things. After wimping out of my first attempts to follow the book’s advice I decided to take the 3 month Intensive Course and it’s more than worth it.”
-Joel Tate-

“I’ve always been afraid to approach and start conversations with people. But after a couple coaching sessions with Adam I took action in spite of the fear. I’ve made a few new friends and I really appreciate the knowledge I’ve gained about myself.”
-Ray Pernot-